Tutu Helper App For iOS, Android And PC – Free Download Latest Version

Tutu helper is the latest app which you can use to download different application and games even it’s paid or free. You can use this app in the iOS, Android And PC.

Tutu helper is a third party app which people like to use for different purposes. If you are afraid to root/jailbreak to your device then this tutu helper apk for you. The people consider this best app in the play store. You can run this app on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and PC and you call it multi-platform app.

What is Tutu Helper?

Whenever we see the new app in the Play store or in our friend we try to know that what is the feature of that app and what is the purpose of using this app. This Tutu helper app allows you to download different games and application free of cost. You don’t need to root your devices because it’s easy to use and its features are really simple.

Tutu Helper Features:

While using the new app we would like to know about the features of the app so we can explore it more. You can use different features in Tutu helper.

  • People consider it best app for iOS
  • Easy To use And Handle
  • Easy To Install and use
  • No extra memory required to run it
  • You can use it in different languages (English)
  • You can find your apps and games by clicking on the search button at the top
  • Unlike Jailbreak, you can uninstall/Delete it easily

Tutu Helper app for iOS,Android, PC

Tutu Helper For iOS

As we all know that iOS is a mobile operating system which officially created by Apple. Most people like to use iOS devices like the iPhone, Mac etc. Tutu helper also available for iOS users because as I mentioned earlier it is a multi-platform app so people all around the world can use it easily.

Tutu Helper For Android

Our most usable platform is Android right now you can say Android is the most used platform. You can use Tutu Helper in Android as well. You can download many games like pokemon go etc. The interface of the app is really simple as you can use it easily. You don’t need to learn advanced things about it.

Tutu Helper For PC

How can we forget the PC system because this is the most used devices right now in the world? You can also use tutu helper in your PC doesn’t matter which one you are using. Sometimes people also want to use tutu helper with the help of a pc. The tutu helper doesn’t require any high level of working which hangs your device.

Download Tutu Helper For Android

The method of downloading the tutu helper is really simple for Android. Just follow the steps and you are able to download and install the app.

So, Let’s Begin 🙂

  • First Of all, go to your device Setting
  • Go to Device administration
  • Just enable the “Unknown Sources” (It enable to download third-party apps)
  • Download Tutu Helper APK
  • When download complete just click on open the app
  • You can see the app is open and a box creates on your home screen. Which means the app installed.

System Requirements for Tutu Helper in Android

If your device has Android 2.0 or later then you can use this app easily. Which almost every mobile has right now.

Download Tutu Helper For iOS

You don’t need any rocket science just because the download and install method is the same for iOS as well. Just follow our steps to download Tutu helper for iOS.

  • Follow – Settings > General > Device Management >”Beijing Founder Electronics Co. Ltd” >
  • Download Tutu helper for iOS
  • You need to choose the “Regular” option in iOS
  • Click on Install > Allow when it’s done you can see the app of the home screen. Enjoy 🙂

System Requirements for Tutu Helper in iOS

This app required min. iOS 7 and you can use it in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch systems easily.

Download Tutu Helper For PC/Computer/ Tablet

Our next guide is related to the installation and download for PC/Computer/Tablet. The method is the same for all of them just follow these steps.

  • Download EXE file right there
  • Go to your download folder or where you download your apps click on .exe file and run as an administrator.
  • Make sure your start install process in the /C drive and when it completes you can enjoy using it.

System Requirements For Tutu Helper in PC

All kind of windows supports by Tutu helper app (Windows 7,8,8.1,10)

Tutu Helper iOS 11

We know that you already read about the download and installation process above. But here we talk about the version of iOS 11 right there. You can also check tutu helper no jailbreak method.

After the release of iOS 10 and iOS 11, there is no chance of jailbreak which you can use for applications and install into your device easily. Although the developers working on it from so many time. You can free download the Tutu helper in your iOS 11 as well and it works fine for you even no jailbreak.

Tutu Helper iOS 10

iOS 10 is the latest version of Apple as we know that the apple improving their system month by month. They try to improve their system so we can see more features in their mobile system and enjoy our life with their mobile phones.

Are you worried about download different apps and games in your iOS this tutu helper helps you to solve your problems and give you the best app which you can use easily? This release of iOS 10 also gives tough time to the developers of jailbreakers and other developers.

Tutu Helper iOS 10.3.1

Every mobile has a different version we need to see it in the setting section. Few of the mobiles are on iOS 10.3.1 version which is almost the same as iOS 10. As apple want to improve the security they keep updating their system with different version and improvements of version.

There are a few more versions which you can see in different mobile. The Tutu Helper iOS 10.3.2, Tutu Helper iOS 10.2.1 and Tutu Helper iOS 9 also the version of apple.

How To Uninstall/Delete the Tutu Helper App

You can easily uninstall the app same as you uninstall other apps from your Android and iPhone as well. Simple go to Setting  > General > Device Management. Then click on the tutu helper app and click on Uninstall/Delete app from your device.

Alternative Of Tutu Helper

No doubt, after the success of tutu helper app there are many developers who create alternative apps like tutu helper. You can use other alternative apps if you are not satisfied with the tutu helper. If you think the other apps work well for you.

vShare helper, HiPStore, AppCake, Tongbu, TweakBox App, 25PP App Download these are some of the alternatives which you can use on the behalf of Tutu helper.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Tutu Helper

Is Tutu app safe?

Yes, It is safe for your device and you can use it feel free.

What is the “VIP” version?

It is the paid version of the Tutu helper which you can use when you buy it. You also get the support of the developer team. You did not see any ads as well. We recommend you to buy the paid version because it also has extra-version.

How to Delete Apps/App Data from iCloud?

  • Go to setting > iCloud > Click on Storage > Then Manage Storage.
  • Under “BACKUPS” click on the phone name, you can see the apps there and you delete it from there easily.

Why it shows Untrusted Enterprise Developer?

This is the third-party app which allows you to download games and paid apps that’s why it shows you Untrusted Enterprise Developer.